Saturday, June 21, 2014

Making Time

This proves how bad I am at making time - I started this blog a week ago and I'm just now getting around to finishing it.

So, I pretty much suck at time management. I always have. I'm more than a little flighty and easily sucked in to things that really don't matter in the grand scheme of life. I tend to get wrapped up in whatever is going on - be it a book, television show, or the newest toddler crisis. Lately, I feel like I just can't win and that kind of defeatest attitude makes living intentionally really, REALLY hard.  All the life stress just means that while I'm not get anything done around the house, I'm also not doing things for my family or myself.  I feel like I'm constantly lamenting ,"but I don't have time to do (insert thing here)." 

I have decided the only way to actually get anything done is to MAKE time for things, because as much as I wish I was able to, I cannot do all of the things without planning and a healthy dose of hard work.  Today, I am planning, or at least making a "To Do" list so I can ultimately make it a "Been Done" list.  There are the usual household things - dishes, laundry, clean, etc - but I'm also adding things like build your new business (, play with your children, sew/craft, spend time with just hubs, spend time with your friends, and take a few minutes each day to zone/meditate/pray. 

I feel like the list is simple, but it's really daunting.  This intention thing, is HARD. Some day, I hope I can make time for things without feeling like I'm sacrificing something important (hello, Mom Guilt!), but I realize that if I don't make time for the "other" things (friends, playtime, Hubs, myself) I'm not living the fullest life.  It's more important to me that my children have a happy, involved parent than a sink without dishes in it.  I'll never have a spotless house (unless I can afford a maid), but I can have a house full of love, joy, adventure, and comfort.  I just have to MAKE time.

So, dear reader... what's on YOUR "To Do" list?


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  1. PT, eat, nap, heal. It's taking much longer than expected. I suppose my time issue is, "is this over yet?"